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About Intengo

We understand that the product and marketing decisions you make today can have a direct impact on your company’s success tomorrow. You need the best ideas and information possible to make the right choices on which concepts to take to market.

And sometimes, that means doing things differently.

We’re Intengo—a new breed of strategic research firm that likes to color outside the lines. We live at the intersection of human understanding and go-to-market strategy—creating clarity for our clients through the proven wisdom of crowds.

We’re in the business of predicting human behavior. By integrating innovation and technology with science and sound logic, we help businesses push traditional boundaries and better predict which ideas will fare best in the real world—in a fraction of the time.

With offices in Denver and Atlanta, we partner with forward-thinking teams and businesses across the U.S. To fast track smarter ideas for your business, contact us at 855.844.3172 or AskUs@gointengo.com.

Pioneering Smarter Testing

We earned our first patent for our breakthrough prediction markets in 2009. Read More About The Methodology

US Patent 8,285,632

Method and apparatus for online prediction of product concept.

Today, we continue to harness “the wisdom of the crowd” in new and innovative ways, so our clients can make informed decisions and move their businesses forward.

We Play Well With Forward Thinkers
What About You?

What About You?

We work with progressive thinkers who thrive on finding new ways to achieve better results. Our clients are open to doing things differently in order to make smarter decisions and create opportunities for their company, their clients, or themselves.

Strategic and thoughtful in their decision-making, our clients choose Intengo for our:

Looking to Fast Track Smarter Ideas?

We can’t wait to accelerate your discovery. Contact us at 855.844.3172 or AskUs(at)gointengo.com

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