Frequently Asked Questions

We collaborate with top survey panel providers and established online communities to recruit your participants. We focus on a statistically valid sample of “general population” consumers to participate in your ideation or prediction market.

Keep in mind, not everyone who is recruited participates in your exercise or prediction market. People self-select in based on their familiarity with the topic area and for prediction markets, their belief they can make an accurate—and winning—prediction.

This is one of the main reasons why we can offer you so many new ideas. It’s also the reason that prediction markets are accurate, even with a diverse population. Nobody likes to lose money: real or imaginary!

We can include members of your target audience as a portion of our “crowd,” and we’ll identify any significant differences that may exist in their responses. Note that 95% of the time the results are virtually identical.

If you wish to include your own customers or employees, we can do that too.

Our clients tend to be creative thinkers, and it’s extremely important to us to protect the confidentiality of all their ideas.

We have a variety of security measures in place to safeguard your concepts, including a:

Digital Confidentiality & Proprietary Information Agreement: All participants must agree to this digital NDA. It legally prohibits them from sharing the concepts they see with any third party.

Download Prevention: We have technical measures in place to prevent participants from downloading or copying any concept images or descriptions. Attempts to do so result in immediate termination from the study.

Digital Watermark: All concept images are imprinted with a digital watermark, unique to each participant. These watermarks would allow us to trace any shared images back to a specific participant.

Intengo’s patented prediction markets have been validated many times compared to traditional concept testing. In virtually every test, the winning concept and losing concept were exactly the same.

So why use an Intengo prediction market instead? They are faster, most cost-efficient, will never provide flat-line results, and provide deeper insights into the reasons for preference and rejection of a concept.

We monitor what participants think of any Intengo exercise in order to continually improve what we do and maximize their engagement. Here’s a sampling of their feedback:

“This survey required paying close attention to the descriptions of the products. The descriptions were intricate and required the reader to delve deeply into the messages being shared.”

“This survey was so much fun!! Whomever created this survey is brilliant! This was designed to make people really think about their answers.”

“This survey was well thought out and easy to navigate. I liked the background. It wasn’t boring white like most surveys. I also really enjoyed how you guys gave detailed descriptions and let me look at the descriptions multiple times before having to answer a question.”

“This is one of the best laid out complex surveys I’ve taken. You got your money’s worth from the designers; (the) ability to re examine product descriptions, large click buttons, great graphics and colors. I believe you actually want to know what I really think about your products. The reward is very good and the bonus is a fantastic idea, only seen a bonus used a couple other times. I enjoyed this survey and think everyone will. The buying section is usually irritating and overly difficult, but yours was not.”